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Our Life Is Here- April

This month I’m joining some of my good friends in a blog circle.  Warning this post is picture overload:)

Recently Jim and I had the opportunity to see Jillian Michaels as her Maximize Your Life Tour came through Omaha, which I wrote more about here.  She was very inspirational and far more down to earth than I expected. She acknowledged the fact that we are creatures of habit and gave some easy suggestions that make it easier to live a healthy lifestyle. She also encouraged everybody to let go of fear and the need to stop letting it hold you back from greatness. I would totally go see her again.  This was the first time we had been to the Holland Performing Arts Center and it was beautiful!

Jillian Michaels Maximize Your LifePIN

Lizzie has been helping around the house and hanging out with friends lately.  She is always a great cook and chips in often:)

Positively Angel: Our Life is HerePIN

I’m sure this is a site I will see many times through the summer.  As soon as it warmed up Colten was washing his truck in the driveway.  It’s still amazing to me that my “baby” is a 16 year old driver.  His truck looks so nice after my bother helped him paint it.

Positively Angel: Our Life is HerePINColten also interviewed for the Iowa 4H State Council.  Interviews were held at ISU which was great because it gave him a chance to see more of the campus.  If he is selected he will learn more about the 4-H program and be a part of the planning committee for the State 4-H Conference which he is really excited about.

14-03-29 4H CouncilPIN

It is that time of year again where we purchase our 4-H livestock for the fair.  We just got in our pigs this past week.

Positively Angel Iowa 4-HPIN

Positively Angel Iowa 4-HPIN While we were out on the farm getting pics of the new pigs we went out to the field to look at Colten’s cow and her first baby calf.  It happened to be feeding time so as we went in to the field all of the mama cows were very curious.

Positively Angel Iowa 4-HPIN

A few came up to us to really check things out..  I think the white faced one was ready to look in my pockets or something:)

Positively Angel Iowa 4-HPIN

But we finally found Colten’s cow, the black one on the left.

Jepsen Show CalvesPIN

And it didn’t take too much more looking to find the baby calf.  It’s spring and things are muddy so his calf was a little dirty, but still cute:) The weather was gorgeous while we were out and all of the calves were running around playing.  Many had their tails in the air while they ran about, just like a puppy:)

Jepsen Show CalvesPIN

As we were leaving Jim’s brother was coming into the field with the feed wagon for their supper and we quickly became old news as they followed the tractor.

Jepsen Show CalvesPIN

Check out what my talented friend Seija  has been up to in the frozen tundra of Michigan here.


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