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A Day In The Life- June

This is part of a blog circle with some of my favorite photography friends, giving you a look into our lives this June.

Many of these gals have shared “A Day in the Life” blog posts.  I’ve been wanting to do it for some time now and I knew it had to be over the weekend, because really how much fun would photos of my desk at work be throughout the day?

This particular day started out at the airport with my family for the Flight Breakfast.  Several of my uncles are pilots and we join them at the flight breakfast.  It was windy though so the kids were bummed they couldn’t go up with Uncle Bob for a ride.

Angel Jepsen Photography Blog-1-7PIN

When we got home we took care of a few household chores.

The kids decided it was time for the pool.

14-06-01 Day In The Life-45PIN

Lizzie wasn’t very happy with me for bringing the camera to the pool though, so she tried to stay away from me with her friends.  Teenagers:)

14-06-01 Day In The Life-36PIN

Colten figured if I got my picture I would leave quicker, he’s a smart boy:)

Day In The LifePIN

The city just replaced the diving board at the pool so everybody has been enjoying the extra spring.

Day In The LifePIN

After getting my photos I went home to read a photography book on my iPad, I love having a library at my finger tips any time I have a minute to read.

Day In The LifePIN

We decided to run to Sioux City for some yard supplies and the day was looking beautiful as we were driving through the Loess Hills.

Day In The Life, Sioux CityPIN

As we drove up the interstate though we saw the storms rolling in.

Day In The Life, Sioux CityPIN

While we were there we enjoyed supper at Texas Roadhouse.

Day In The Life, Sioux CityPIN

Things stayed pretty wet and windy the rest of the day and by the time we got home the day was gone.

Seija has been busy with birthday celebrations, take a peek!


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